Tracking Performance and Results

ARTF results are tracked and reported on through a number of different mechanisms to ensure transparency and accountability of ARTF funds.  Please find the approach to results and reporting outlined in the ARTF Results Management Framework:

  • The ARTF Scorecard is an annual results report providing information on ARTF progress and results across a number of areas. The ARTF Scorecard is a new addition to the ARTF results reporting and was published for the first time in 2013.
  • Project Implementations Status and Results Reports (ISRs) (found in the individual project sites under “Portfolio”) are the World Bank’s tool for results tracking and reporting at the project level. The ISR includes the project result framework with the project specific indicators that are being tracked and reported on. It is organized around three main themes: Status, results and risks.

ARTF Results reporting benefits from the World Bank’s approach to Open Data and Access to Information.

Strengthening Health Activities
Strengthening Health Activities

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