Community Benefits

  • Mine development and other extractive projects create substantial economic, social and environmental changes that need to be carefully managed.
  • Involving affected communities in regions surrounding extractive sites and associated transportation corridors during the development process can help ensure that mining ventures are successful while also promoting sustainable benefits to communities.
  • The community benefits policy note prepared for the Afghanistan Resource Corridor Project (ARCP) offers the rationale for a benefits sharing framework, which aims to ameliorate negative impacts while capturing as many benefits as possible, especially at the local level.
  • If benefits are not captured at the local level they are lost or forfeited and many disadvantaged people are likely to be worse off.
  • The note also outlines a methodology for developing and implementing Community Development Agreements (CDAs), which is one way to promote community benefits sharing by anticipating and managing potential disparities that may emerge within affected communities such as inequalities in wealth, access to benefits, skills and education.
  • Community Development Agreements acknowledge the value of a community and its organizations as stakeholders in the communication and negotiation processes involved in extractive projects.
  • As such, CDAs support grievance and dispute resolution mechanisms, regular and transparent communication, strong relationships amongst all stakeholders and effective monitoring and governance of agreements.
  • Each of these key aspects is developed in detail in the policy note.

Updated October 9, 2013