Afghanistan Resource Corridor - Strategy

  • Afghanistan needs a new source of growth as the country seeks to develop with a rapidly growing workforce and declining aid.

  • A Resource Corridor is a means to develop infrastructure and services around the area of a large mine or oilfield while using these for other economic activities that will promote growth. Its growth approach seeks to make mining and gas/oilfield activities more socially inclusive.

  • Afghanistan’s resource base is large and uniquely undeveloped. The huge untapped mineral resources of copper in Aynak, iron ore in Hajigak, oil & gas deposits in Amu Darya are examples of the potential to drive growth and create jobs in the long term while producing viable economic development and diversification.

  • As part of the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund actions, The World Bank and Australian Aid commissioned a series of reports to understand the many options and features of each intervening sector in the Resource Corridor. The Resource Corridor Strategy is the outcome of their research.

  • The pages following the Strategy will lead you through the background documents covering the sectors involved for the mining and gas/oil field industries development. These pages will be released in the weeks to come.


Updated August 14, 2013