Closed Projects

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Project Title:
Kabul Urban Roads Improvement Project
Grant Amount:
Approval Date:
February 26, 2009
Closing Date:
December 31, 2011

Project Objective:

The objective of the Project was to improve traffic flow on priority corridors or segments of the main urban roads in Kabul.

Program Summary


The Kabul Roads Improvement Projects included 2 components:

i) Improvement of Key City Roads in Kabul: consisting of (a) rehabilitation of existing roads; (b) construction and rehabilitation of roadside drains and walkways; (c) construction of roundabouts at key intersections; and (d) installation of street lights; and

ii) Project Management Support: (a) provision of support to Kabul Municipality for the preparation, survey and design, implementation and supervision of the Project; and (b) establishment of a Project Management Unit within the Municipality to strengthen its institutional capacity.


  • 11.9km of roads rehabilitated