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Project Title:
Civil Service Capacity Building
Grant Amount:
Approval Date:
May 2, 2005
Closing Date:
February 28, 2010

Project Objective:

The objective of the Civil Service Capacity Building Project was to provide short to medium term capacity to ministries primarily in agencies where the Priority Reform and Reconstruction (PRR) effort was slow to take off.

Program Summary


This Project involved two components, one of which had previously existed as a program funded out of the recurrent window of ARTF. The Afghan Expatriates Program was merged into this project under the investment window of ARTF in 2005:

(i) The Afghan Expatriates Program: This component aimed at recruiting qualified expatriate Afghans into positions as senior advisers in various ministries and agencies. Placement of those advisors was determined through consultations with key ministries, government departments and donors.

(ii) Lateral Entry Program - This component aimed at recruiting qualified Afghans from the domestic and regional labor markets into senior and middle management line positions in Ministries and agencies


  • 142 Lateral entrants recruited;
  • 20 departments with LEP’s completed the PRR process;
  • 35 departments across 10 ministries completed stage 1 of PRR enhancing the capacity of existing civil servants to apply for PRR positions, of which 20 commenced implementation of the reforms.
Civil Service Capacity Building
Civil Service Capacity Building