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Project Title:
Afghanistan Rural Access Project
Grant Amount:
$207 Million
Approval Date:
July 12, 2012
Closing Date:
March 31, 2018

Project Objective:

The development objective of the Afghanistan Rural Access Project (ARAP) is to enable rural communities to benefit from all season road access to basic services and facilities.

Program Summary

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The Project: In 2012 the Afghanistan Rural Access Project (ARAP) was approved as a follow-on project to the National Rural Access Program, launched by the Government of Afghanistan (GoA) in 2003 to support rehabilitation of rural infrastructure and livelihoods. ARAP’s development objective is to assist the Government in enabling rural communities to benefit from all-season road access to basic services and facilities through the rehabilitation and maintenance of rural access infrastructure. ARAP is co-financed by an IDA grant of $125 million.

The project is implemented by two agencies: Ministry of Public Works (MPW) and Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD), with support from an Implementation Consultant.

Afghanistan Rural Access Project
Afghanistan Rural Access Project

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