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Project Title:
Support to Afghan Land Authority Project
Grant Amount:
$4,950, 000 million
Approval Date:
Closing Date:

Project Objective:

The objective of the activities is to facilitate the preparation of the proposed support to Afghan Land Authority Project which has the objective of supporting the Recipient to develop the policy and regulatory framework and build capacity to deliver transparent, pro-poor land services. 

Program Summary

Through Afghan Land Authority project, (a) technical advisory services, training, and other material support to update the land policy paper for consultation with the stakeholders, and to develop law on land expropriations’ procedure for land rights identification and land clearance; regulations for registration customary mechanism; by-law in support of the implementation of AILA’s 5-year strategic development plan. (b) carrying out of an environment and social assessment to take stock of earlier analytical work and pilots in dispute resolution, land registration, as well as identification of major stakeholder and political economy dimensions of land governance reforms; to assess potential downstream impacts; and to ensure compliance with policies, laws and procedures with applicable safeguard provisions and facilitate a pro-poor orientation of all approaches and documents prepared under the project. (c) Carrying out the review of the land survey system and developing new strategy for mapping surveying and registration land, development of a strategy and procedure for transfer from court based to administrative land registration, including the provision of technical advisory services. (d) Carrying out set activities to disseminate and raise awareness, training (local and international) and capacity building activities in connection with the revised laws, regulations and procedures, at national and provincial level, and upgrading of ALAA’s office facilities.

Expected Result:

  1. An updated version of the land policy paper has been prepared.
  2. A strategy for mapping, surveying and registering has been drafted.
  3. An updated implementation plan for AILA’s 5- year development strategy has been prepared.