Active Portfolio Investment Projects

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Project Title:
Naghlu Hydropower Rehabilitation Project
Grant Amount:
Approval Date:
December 14, 2015
Closing Date:
September 30, 2022

Project Objective:

The project development objective (PDO) is to improve dam safety and to increase the supply of electricity at the Naghlu Hydropower Plant.

Program Summary

The Project: The Project aims to improve dam safety and sustainability of hydropower and to increase the supply of domestically generated hydroelectricity at the Naghlu Hydropower Plant (NHPP). The following areas comprise the main project activities: will comprise three components: (a) mechanical, electrical, and electromechanical works; (b) dam safety and power generation improvement; and (c) environmental and social sustainability, project management support, and future project preparation. This will contribute to enhancements in the reliability of the electric power system and help benefit both households and industries, hence stimulating economic development and growth. The local population is also expected to benefit from employment opportunities during the project repair and rehabilitation phase. The Project will also have important climate change impacts through the enhancement of hydropower which has almost zero green-house gas emissions.

Expected Results: (a) Improvement in the generation capacity (in MW) of Unit 1 in the NHPP

(b) Reduction in the total number of forced power outages in the NHPP

(c) Establishment of dam safety plans and periodic audits in accordance with international best practices

(d) Implementation of dam safety measures as recommended in dam safety audit reports

(e) Development of O&M procedures and guidelines that are in line with international best practices