Active Portfolio Investment Projects

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Project Title:
Afghanistan Resource Corridors - Project Preparation Grant
Grant Amount:
Approval Date:
29-May- 2013
Closing Date:

Project Objective:

The Project Development Objective is to prepare a platform of “hard” and “soft” infrastructure that will enable Afghanistan to derive broader economic benefits from the development of its extractive industries. 

Program Summary

The Afghanistan Resource Corridors Project aims to: (a) support the accelerated realization of private sector anchor investments in the resources sector, and (B) leverage those investments for broader benefits, through: (i) preparing incremental investments that can create public goods; and (ii) investing in soft infrastructure that builds the capabilities of national and local firms, communities and job seekers to benefit from the resource sector.

Expected Result:

  1. ID cluster Secretariat established, demonstrating its ability to effectively coordinate the review process of ID cluster NPPs.
  2. Resource Corridor Secretariat has initiated the required preparatory work (Elaboration of Terms of References, launch of procurement process) for the project components for which it is responsible.