Active Portfolio Investment Projects

Citizens’ Charter

The Citizens’ Charter aims to contribute to the Government’s long-term goals of reducing poverty and deepening the relationship between citizens and the state. It will achieve this in two ways. First, by providing development services and grants through Community Development Councils, the government will be increasing trust that a distant government can nevertheless provide valued local benefits. The Charter will help connect government, especially local government and municipalities, with its citizens. Second, using community oversight over service provision through a high profile government program is the best bet for monitoring local level service delivery in such a difficult environment. While neither objective will be achieved solely through the Citizens’ Charter, the Charter builds upon its predecessor National Solidarity Program (NSP) proven fiduciary mechanisms and popularity across broad swathes of the Afghan public, making it a potentially valuable platform for supporting inclusive development in a country like Afghanistan. Implemented between 2002-2017, NSP was one of the earliest ARTF/IDA-funded initiatives, which used a community-driven development (CDD) approach to reach approximately 35,000 communities across rural Afghanistan. NSP provided block grants to communities so that they can invest on the basis of community development plans formulated with the help of Facilitating Partners (FPs) (usually NGOs) hired and managed by the government. NSP has helped establish CDCs across all provinces of Afghanistan. Half of all council seats were allocated to women, giving them the opportunity to participate in decision-making at the village level and a forum to voice their opinions. The Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project (CCAP) is one slice of the larger, ten-year Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program that will be supported through the government budget, the ARTF, and the World Bank/IDA. CCAP will support the first four-year phase of the Citizens’ Charter.