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ARTF Supervisory Agent

Several national programs feature construction of a very large number of scattered physical investments, which require on-site monitoring of physical progress, quality of works, and usage of investments poses a challenge.

The ARTF Administrator carries out regular supervision missions, including visits to project sites. However, the prevailing security situation, the often quite inaccessible projects and a low-capacity environment, required additional resources. A new Supervisory Agent was contracted to address this need.

Using smart phones, satellite imagery and innovative technology the Supervisory Agent systematically assesses and monitors infrastructure construction financed under key ARTF-funded projects (NSP, rural roads, education and irrigation).

The Supervisory Agent operates in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan, including highly insecure areas, to collect data from project sites and report back to the World Bank and government ministries. Please find more information on the work methods of the Supervisory Agent.

The three-year program is following five projects: