External Reviews

ARTF External Evaluations

Four independent evaluations of the ARTF have been carried out since the establishment of the fund in 2002 with the latest evaluation conducted in 2017.

Given the importance of the ARTF as a source of funding for the Government’s Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework (ANPDF) and National Priority Programs (NPPs), the review “Taking Charge: Government Ownership in a Complex Context”, aimed to assess how well the ARTF is a Fit for Purpose mechanism that can adapt to Government needs, purpose and priorities as presented in the ANPDF.

The main conclusion is that in a challenging and rapidly changing context, the ARTF remains a critical arena for joint analysis, discussion and decision; a mechanism for directive, prioritized collective action; a cost-efficient tool for channeling financial and technical support to the Government’s priorities; and an enduring commitment and partnership with Afghanistan’s future that allows and invites critical assessments of choices ahead. The review put forward a number of recommendations, some of which are already being implemented by the ARTF Administrator and partners.