• Clinic

    Strengthening Health Activities for Rural Poor Project in Parwan Province: A midwife at the Sar-e-Hause medical health clinic speaks with a 22-year-old woman and her 5-month-old baby. Picture by Graham Crouch/World Bank


    Education Quality Improvement Project (EQUIP) in Herat Province: Students are having a lesson in physics in a high school in Herat. The school is benefitting from EQUIP, whose objective is to increase access to quality basic education, especially for girls. School grants and teacher training programs are strengthened by support from communities and private providers. Picture by Graham Crouch/World Bank

  • Motorcycle

    National Emergency Rural Access Project (NERAP) in Bamiyan Province: A local resident rides along the 14.9-km stretch of dirt track that has been transformed into a working gravel road at Sumara Valley, Bamiyan Province. The villages of the area have benefitted from NERAP, which has funded the completion of this road. Picture by Graham Crouch/World Bank

  • Music

    Skills Development Project in Kabul: An 11-year-old student practices on his robab — a traditional Afghan instrument — during a lessonduring a lesson at the during a lesson at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music, which takes in students from all walks of Afghan life to educate them in musical studies." Picture by Graham Crouch/World Bank

  • People Sitting

    National Solidarity Program (NSP) in Bamiyan Province: Village residents meeting in the community hall that was built using funds from the NSP. This village Community Development Council spent its funding on solar power panels, carpet weaving, and the building of the community hall. Picture by Graham Crouch/World Bank

  • Road Work

    National Emergency Rural Access Roads Project in Bamiyan Province: A local family walks along part of a new highway connecting Bamiyan with Band-e-Amir. The villages have benefited from this project which has funded the completion of roads in this area. Picture by Graham Crouch/World Bank

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Welcome to the ARTF

The Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) was established in 2002 to provide a coordinated financing mechanism for the Government of Afghanistan's budget and priority national investment projects. Today, the ARTF remains the vehicle of choice for pooled funding, with low transaction costs, excellent transparency and high accountability, and provides a well-functioning arena for policy debate and consensus creation (External Evaluation 2012 "ARTF at a Cross-Roads"). It is the largest single source of on-budget financing for Afghanistan’s development and is delivering important results within key sectors including education, health, agriculture, rural development, infrastructure, and governance. The ARTF is supported by 34 donors and administered by the World Bank.